I read in the news about what happened with the Oregon ranchers (terrorists), who took over a bird sanctuary, but didn’t plan very well for the siege that followed. They took to twitter to ask for blankets and snacks. Really. Instead, in typical internet fashion, people sent them hate mail and dildos. One person even sent them a 55 gallon drum of lube, probably to help them make all the dildos fit.

Given a drum of lube ranges between $800 and $1400, I decided that there was probably a market for sending people ridiculous things in the mail, and I figured providing a service that will do it for you anonymously, at the click of a button, would be a good idea. So check out our dildos (heheh), and our other fun products to help you mess with friends or provide a fuck you to someone who really needs it. For a little extra, I will put glitter in with the dildos and the note, in such a way pulling it out makes glitter go everywhere.

This site was created for two reasons; to make people smile, and to help pay for my daughters college (it will just be awkward when she asks how I was able to afford it). If you send someone a dildo to intimidate, hurt, or bully someone, then maybe you should be the one getting a dildo in the mail. This should be done to make people laugh, not make people sad.

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