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Top 11 easy April fools day pranks

Looking for the best ways to mess with your friends and family this April fools day? Check out some of our favorite pranks here chosen by me, Dr. Dick Dickerson, here at

1. Key Chaos


Take dozens of key chains with the targets phone number on it and leave them around town. They will be getting calls for weeks, if not months, saying people found their keys.

2. Krafty surprise


Who doesn’t love fresh orange juice? Surprise a friend or loved one with some delicious OJ that you made all by yourself!

3. Wet garbage?


Know someone that likes to make more space in garbage cans by stomping their foot in them? Fill up a water balloon, cover it with some papers and receipts, and have watch the fun!

4. Googly Eyes everywhere!


Step one: get googly eyes. Step two: put them everywhere. Step 3: ….. Step 4: Profit!


5.Voice activated prank


When you get a new coffee maker, at home or the office, put a sign on it saying that its voice activated! You get to listen to everyone trying to figure out how to use it and telling it to make them coffee. Just try not to laugh to loud and give it away!

6. Cream Cheese deodorant prank


Only do this prank if you don’t need to be near the person all day. because warm cream cheese… Eww!

7. Air horn laxatives prank


Scare the shit out of someone.

8.Caramel Onion Prank


Looks delicious, tastes gross, unless you like the flavor of raw onion.

9.Mail someone a dildo

Adult toys rest stacked as they are manufactured at the Doc Johnson Enterprises facility in the North Hollywood neighborhood of Los Angeles, California, U.S., on Thursday, April 17, 2014. Photographer: Patrick T. Fallon/Bloomberg

Worried about getting caught? leave the dirty work to us! We do it anonymously, yet hilariously!

10. Crayons on wiper blades

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leave crayons on someones wiper blades. On a hot day, they will get an interesting surprise!

11. Weird box in the mail prank



Send someone a box with weird kinky stickers on it. Better yet, send it to their work! worried about getting in trouble? leave it to us!