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Top 3 Easter pranks

Wondering what pranks to pull this Easter? Let us professionals here at help you cut through the duds and only deliver the best!

Dr. Richard Dickerson here, I often get asked about what are the best pranks to pull, and the answer is it depends on the time of the year! If you want it to be funny, it needs to be somewhat related to what part of the year it is, for maximum prank hilariousness. So here are my top three Easter pranks in no particular order:

1. Chocolate covered raw egg

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As devious, and gross, as it sounds. Take a raw egg, dip it in chocolate, and cover it with some tinfoil you’ve liberated from some cadbarry eggs or other chocolate eggs from the store. To keep things safe, make sure the eggs are pasteurized, or hard-boiled if you’re not completely evil when you prank someone this Easter.

2. Deliciously difficult to grab eggs


Looking for a way to get back at your kids this Easter? Look no further!

3. Mail someone an Easter egg glitter bomb


Everyone knows that Easter eggs are impossible to open carefully. If you’re not careful, their contents go everywhere! That’s the idea behind our Glitter egg prank. We send someone a glitter filled Easter egg anonymously, and when they open it, the glitter goes everywhere! We stuff as much glitter as possible into the egg, and mail it to your unsuspecting victim. Maybe your victim knows to expect the glitter filled envelopes now, so why not get them with something they wont expect this Easter? Your victim will probably just think its money from a distant relative, or candy for the kids.